Quaint, melancholic and humorous Folk Festival from 30th July to 01st August 2021

"Zellberg Buam" - Alpen Party 2021

The Zellberg Buam invites you to their Alpine party in Festhalle Fügen from the 30th to 01st August 2021.

The Zellberg Buam from the Zillertal are quaint, melancholic and humorous. Gerhard, Werner and Herbert and other well-known music groups will perform during this festival.

©Zellberg Buam

Zellberg Buam - Alpenparty 2021
30th - 01st August 2021

Also the Ursprung Buam, the Mayrhofner, the Fetzig’n and many more are part of this party. As a folk music lover you will be amazed!

There are several hit songs like "Wenn a Zillertaler tanzt" or "Edelziller Partyknüller" that are sing along. So, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!

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