Fine Wines for the Discerning Palate

Premium Wine Tasting

Sight, smell and taste - a wine tasting in the historic wine cellar of the Hotel Neue Post is a treat for all your senses. Under the guidance of the sommelier, Thomas Stock, you can sample some very fine wines as well as learning about the wines. The ideal evening activity for you and your friends.

Are you curious about Austria's wine production? Then book an Austrian wine tasting and try a selection of domestic white and red wines. Would you prefer to sample an international selection? Opt for a tasting session with wines from the international cellars. Regardless which option you choose, the selection of wines will include classics as well as more modern wine creations. So bottoms up, or as the locals say, "Prost!"

To prepare your stomach and compliment the tasting session, a hearty farmer's platter is included. And, of course, the obligatory schnapps is not to be forgotten! This is an enjoyable experience not only for wine connoisseurs but for anyone who enjoys the good things in life.

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