Hot & Cold: Not for the Fainthearted!

2 hours sauna experience with beer infusion and a game of Austrian curling

It's not your emotions which will be blowing hot and cold but your body, as you experience an invigorating mix of ice and heat with a game of Austrian curling followed by a sauna with beer infusion. It's a combination which is not for the fainthearted but is definitely a fun alternative to standard aprés-ski and a great group activity.

Relaxing pur

The ice-skating rink is directly next to Mayrhofen's Erlebnisbad indoor swimming pool and has two curling lanes. Per lane, up to 10 people can prove their "talent" in a game of Austrian curling. "Ice stocks" (stones) are available from the ice-skating reception and are included in the price. If you are clueless when it comes to the rules of the game, don't worry. There is a curling expert available at the ice rink to help you get started.

Ice stock sport in Mayrhofen

After a fun game on the ice, head straight into the warm sauna complex in Mayrhofen's Erlebnisbad. Work up a healthy sweat as the sauna attendant turns up the heat with a rejuvenating beer infusion, guaranteed to kickstart your circulation. After two hours of relaxing in the sauna you will feel as good as new, warmed to the core and fit to face the wintery temperatures once more.

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