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Breakfast Above the Clouds

There's a special charm to starting your day with breakfast at a mountain hut. You'll be up the mountain before the crowds, breathing in the fresh, clear winter air and enjoying the amazing views over the snowy mountains which surround you. When you arrive at the hut you can expect a hearty breakfast to be waiting for you - the perfect energy boost to kick-start your day.

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Granatalm - Mountain Breakfast
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The Granatalm is located on a mountain plateau in the midst of the Penken ski area. To reach the hut by foot, purchase an ascent and descent ticket and take the cable car up the mountain. Choose between a longer walk from the top of the Penken in Mayrhofen (approx. 1 hour) and a shorter walk from the top of the Finkenberg cable car (approx. 10 minutes).

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Using local produce is very important to the owners of the Grantalm. The generous breakfast buffet includes yoghurt from the Ziller Valley, local hams and cheeses, organic and free-range eggs and much more. Afterwards, why not talk a stroll to the nearby Granat chapel before taking the cable car back to the valley.

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