The Garnet Chapel on the Penkenjoch is worth a visit in summer.

A Cultural Gem on the Penken

VIP Tour of the Granat Chapel

Unusual. Unique. Fascinating. These are the best words to describe the Granat Chapel on the Penkenjoch. The majestic architecture of this modern building in the midst of a sunny mountain plateau is spellbinding even from a distance. During an interesting tour, discover exactly how this unusual chapel came to be built at an altitude of 2,087m.

VIP tour Granat chapel

One 'secret' we can already share - the shape of the chapel is inspired by the cut of the local gemstone of the Ziller Valley - the garnet (Granat in German). Garnet mining has a special importance in the Ziller Valley and therefore the design reflects the connection of the architect to his home. A highlight of the chapel is the artistic mosaic, made from local wood by the Tyrolean woodcarver Markus Thurner. Your guide will tell you more.

The Granat Chapel can be reached from several routes. You can hike or bike up to the sunny plateau from the valley (if you're feeling fit). Otherwise you can take it easy by taking a cable car. Both the Penkenbahn and the Finkenberger Almbahnen will take you to the plateau from where you can walk to the chapel.

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