In the Fellenberg Duathlon competition, teams of two compete against each other.

The 5th Fellenberg-Duathlon Alpenrose

Attention! Cyclists and Runners

Save the date, Saturday, on the 25th September 2021 in your sports calendar. For the season finale, the fourth Fellenberg-Duathlon Alpenrose in the Zillertal will take place. You compete as a team of two consisting of a runner and a biker.

Do you already have your partner? Let's go! There are a limited number of starting places for organizational reasons. Reserve your team´s position for the Fellenberg Duathlon 2021.

An exciting and demanding team competition awaits you and your partner. As a biker, you have to cover the 6.5 km route and a difference in altitude of 605 m. As a runner you have to cover the distance of 3.5 km, but it is also quite a challenge.

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