Try your hand at Distilling schnapps

Distill your own schnapps

In the Ziller Valley it's long been claimed that "a schnapps a day keeps the doctor away!" However, the schnapps of the past, which would have put hairs on your chest, has evolved over the years into a fine spirit and a high quality regional product. Visit a schnapps distillery and get a glimpse of the production process as well as trying your hand at distilling your own schnapps. Reservations are possible every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in May and June. This event is in German.

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Schnapps Distillery - Become a staging Schnapps Distiller
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The evening starts with some theory, so that you can learn the basics of producing fine spirits. For example, find out which types of fruit are best to use and how ripe they should be. You'll be surprised just how many types of schnapps and liquors there are and the combined aroma is amazing. After this introduction, its your turn to try your hand at distilling your own schnapps.

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Under some professional guidance, follow the steps to make your own schnapps. Of course, when your spirit is ready, a tasting session is definitely in order! The evening ends with a relaxed schnapps and liquor tasting, in which the newly qualified distillers can share their creations and experiences. In addition, take your personal schnapps home with you as a souvenir. This event is in German.

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Top tip: Book a taxi! Immerse yourself into the evening and enjoy the tastings to the fullest.

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