Welcome to the golden season!

Tipps for you

Now it is official, the autumn has begun. Since the weather is already quite autumnal towards the weekend. We have a few tips for you to enjoy the colder days in the valley.

Strengthen yourself with a balanced breakfast and you are ready for the day. No matter if you prefer sweet or spicy. The Posthotel in Zell fulfills all breakfast dreams.

Defy the rainy weather, because if you get wet, it's best to get all wet right away. Discover the indoor swimming pool in Mayrhofen and for the connoisseurs, the experience can be extended by a visit to the sauna.


Mayrhofen Sauna

Some Like it Hot

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You are probably familiar with the well-known Zillertaler Schnaps. But have you ever wondered how it is produced? Become a distiller yourself now and discover the art of distilling at Hof Neuhaus in Burgstall.

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Try your hand at Distilling schnapps

Distill your own schnapps

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Afterwards you can go for a dinner in Hotel Mali in Zell am Ziller.

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