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By downloading, you have already taken the first step towards having a fantastic holiday. But are you wondering exactly what the app can do for you? Read on for an overview of the app's features and its many user benefits.

1. Register for free to enjoy the app features in full

Register quickly and easily by tapping the icon at the top-right of your screen. Create an account for free and access the full features of the app. You can buy tickets and manage purchases and details. Based on your profile, we can send you personalised information and select interesting stories for you to read through the app.

2. Live updates throughout the day

Our live menu gives you the most important updates from the region all day long. Whatever you are planning, make sure you are well-informed and well-prepared.

Our live menu informs you in real- time about the weather, webcams and the status of the lifts and pistes. To help you better orientate yourself, you can always access the map of the region from the live menu too.

3. Safety first: weather warnings

Your well-being is very important to us. For this reason, also has an in-built warning system. Up-to-date avalanche and weather warnings will be sent to the app to help keep you informed and safe.

4.   Smart purchases with an in-app wallet.

Nobody enjoys queuing, especially not on holiday! With, you can easily purchase tickets for yourself and others, freeing up more of your precious holiday time to enjoy yourself. For your convenience, all of your tickets will be saved in your in-app wallet.

Once on holiday in Ziller valley, you can either print your tickets at one of our self-service terminals or you can use the ticket directly from your phone. To help make your holiday planning even easier, you can even buy tickets before you travel.

5.   Recommendations, tips and advice tailored to your interests.

Once you sign up for your free account, we will show you content based on your interests and preferences. Whether you are interested in family-time, sport or perhaps spa days, we have got the right information for you. This app feature works best when you arrive in the region.

6.   Skiline MyMoments right on your smartphone.

Are you already a member of the world's largest winter sports community? You can simply synchronise your Skiline media like your Photopoint photos, Skimovies and Speedcheck photos within the This allows you to access your favourite memories in just one click. Of course you can also share them with your friends and family through the app. Are you not yet a Skiline user? Sign up here!

7.   Exciting stories from the Ziller valley.

The is a great travel companion when you are in the region but can also help you to plan your holiday in advance. Interesting stories give you information about the Ziller Valley, suggest some great activities and inform you about upcoming events, which you should not miss out on. Browse our stories and be inspired!

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