Thrusting ahead

Ski course for adults

Snow-covered winter landscapes, glittering snow crystals, fresh air and warming sunshine - a quintessential winter's day in Zillertal. Sporty skiers are out and about completing a few laps on the freshly groomed cross-country ski trails.

You will join them in just a few minutes. Your trainer is already waiting for you at the entrance to the trail. Cross-country skiing activates numerous muscle groups, so it is important to warm-up thoroughly first.

Once warmed up and fit, it is time to slip into the narrow skis. Using slow, smooth thrusts, you coordinate arms and leg movements as you complete your laps. Your trainer will provide you with helpful tips for getting the right technique in both classic and skating style.

This sport is the ultimate calorie burner! An absolute must for every winter sports enthusiast and great training for leg, arm and core muscles. Cross-country skiing is a fabulous way for summer sports people to keep fit and prepare for the coming summer.

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