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Accompany AlbertAdler

The cute Mayrhofner Bergbahnen mascots are out and about on Mayrhofen’s mountains. Have you already met AlbertAdler the Bird of Prey? You have a chance to meet him on Mount Penken or Mount Ahorn. Young and old guests alike will love the mascot tours which include fun features and cool obstacles. An adventure for the whole family!

Ski Family Mayrhofen

KARL KRAXLER TOUR on Mount Penken - Karl Kraxler accompanies you along piste 25 and guarantees some exciting and fun moments in the snow. You’ll cruise through arcs, give Karl a high five, and a lot more! What are you waiting for? A single ride just won’t cut it.

Albert Adler Tour

ALBERT ADLER TOUR on Mount Ahorn - There’s a lot to experience in the family paradise on Mount Ahorn. The ski area is rather small but really beautiful, and you can find the mascot AlbertAdler on the slopes as well. Meet him at the Meet & Greet at the FunRide or along the AlbertAdler Tour on Piste 4a and be sure to take a souvenir photo with him! You’ll also be able to tackle child-friendly obstacles along the tour.

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