Your four-legged friend

Information for dog owners

The Ziller Valley is famous for its lush green meadows. The many scenic hiking paths invite you to enjoy longs walks with your four-legged friend in the midst of the beautiful nature of the Zillertal Alps.

The freedom to wander through wide open meadows is every dog owner's dream. However, please take care as these meadows are also the grazing pastures for the local cows. Many places in the Ziller Valley require dogs to be kept on the lead.

Please also be aware of the following rules concerning dogs and cows:

  • Keep your distance from the grazing cows

  • Behave calmly

  • Do not feed or stroke calves

  • Keep your dog on it's lead

IMPORTANT: If a cow shows signs of attack, immediately let go of your dog's lead! Warning signs are: lowering the head, snorting and mooing.

On many walking paths, you will find free dog waste bags and bins, this is to ensure that the meadows stay beautiful and clean. Dairy production is an important industry in the valley which you can contribute to by acting responsibly when you and your dog "go walkies". Please pick up after your dog.

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