Zillertal cable car general information and organizational measures

Safe & relaxing vacation

  • Signposts and information points: The signposts point out our Code of Conduct. Please follow it in the interest of all our safety.

  • Cover your mouth and nose: 

    Anyone aged 6 or older must cover their mouth and nose when using our cable cars/gondolas, chairlifts, drag lifts, and magic carpets as well as in all designated areas (e.g., cash desks, access areas, etc.).

  • Organised queuing areas:  We organise the queuing areas independently of the current legal requirements in such a way that groups of people standing close together are avoided as far as possible. Please keep a 1m distance to strangers and wait in the cash desk area until the guest in front of you has left the cash desk.

  • Hand hygiene: 

    For our cable car indoor areas we will install sufficient hand disinfection facilities for you.

  • Number of persons: 

    There are no restrictions on the possible transport capacity in closed means of transport, so all cable car systems can be used to full capacity. However, depending on the number of guests, attempts are made not to exhaust the transport capacity - especially in the case of large cabins - in order to offer our guests more space.

  • Disinfection measures:  All cable car cabins are regularly disinfected by us. Disinfection measures are also regularly carried out in elevator cabins, on escalators, in sanitary facilities and first aid rooms.

  • Cable car employees: Employees in direct contact with guests are instructed to wear an MNS in closed rooms for mutual protection, unless the risk of infection is minimized by other suitable protective measures.

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