Experience pure adrenaline at Schlegeis131 with the Flying Fox or Giant Swing as well as at the abseiling station and via ferrata.

Fun and Action at #Schlegeis131

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Planning a day trip for the whole family can be a tricky undertaking. Teenagers demand adventurous fun, the youngest need somewhere to play and mums and dads want some exercise. It’s not easy to find something that keeps everyone happy. What we recommend: A trip to Schlegeis Reservoir.


You can start with abseiling from the very parapet of Schlegeis Dam wall at a height of 131 m, from where you will feel as free as a bird as you glide effortlessly 131 m down into the depths of the valley below.

©Johannes Sandhofer

#Schlegeis131 - Abseiling station
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Flying Fox Zip Wire

The Flying Fox will catapult you back down to the valley from a giddying height of 131 m. Glide as free as a bird down a 600 m long rope from one side of the valley to the other, alongside Schlegies Dam wall. Surely a dream come true for all children!

© Flying Fox

#Schlegeis131 - Flying Fox
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Giant Swing

The NEW GIANT SWING 'Schlegeis131’ is the absolute HIGHLIGHT for adrenaline junkies! The 30-meter free fall and subsequent swing will get your pulse skyrocketing and adrenalin pumping. Only suitable for diehard adrenalin junkies!

©Johannes Sandhofer

#Schlegeis131 - Giant Swing
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Three unique family attractions in just one day. Want to give them a go?

Tip: Don’t forget to bring sturdy shoes and a jacket/windbreaker. Please note that these attractions may be closed or postponed in bad weather.

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