On a treasure hunt in the Ziller Valley

Hiking with the whole family

Keeping it interesting is the golden rule for an enjoyable hike with kids. With an interactive scavenger hunt through the mountains of the Ziller Valley, every hike is trail of discovery.

Planning ahead = half the battle Planning in advance is especially important for a family hike. Decide on a route together. Use the Geocaching APP to plan your perfect hike and discover what treasures you can find on your chosen route.

Grab your mobile phone or a GPS device and set off on your adventure. Use the Geocaching APP to track your location as you hike and solve some puzzles along the way. Time will fly by for the kids and when you reach your destination your hard-earned treasure will be revealed. But WATCH OUT – don’t get caught by the MUGGELS! *MUGGELS: (Muggels are non-Geocachers. The term “Muggel” is taken from the Harry Potter books and refers to someone without magical powers.)

After your treasure hunt adventure, celebrate your find with a dip in one of the local outdoor pools or with a fun round of mini golf.

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