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Mountain Sports - Freeride course

Mountain Sports lets you discover your wild side. Together you'll climb snow-covered peaks and enjoy the perfect powder snow. Feel like trying something different? - How about a snowshoe hike?

Mountain Sports - Snowshoe Hike
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Climb the snow-covered peaks on skis. At the top, you enjoy your new outdoor adventure. Deep breaths in the clear mountain air and the unique panorama make you forget all your efforts. Look forward to the powder run. The group course offers the perfect freeride experience.

Mountain Sports - Freeriden - Group-Course

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The Alpine School Mountain Sports offers you ski tours with certified mountain and ski guides. Untouched terrain, the full splendor of Mother Nature, and lots of fun are your other companions. Book in a group, because then it is often even more fun.

Mountain Sports - Skitour - Group-Course

The avalanche course from Mountain Sports offers you an ideal way to safely plunge into the powder snow. In a group course, you will learn all the essential information about avalanches.

Mountain Sports - Group avalanche course

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