Start your ski holiday right!

The 8 most important things you need to remember:

The countdown to your winter holiday is on and you cannot wait to hit the snow and the pistes. If only the mundane task of packing didn't have to be done first... No worries: we have prepared a list of the "8 most important MUST HAVES" for you, to make sure nothing stands in the way of you and your perfect ski holiday.

MUST HAVE 1: Personal Documents - either for airport check-in or in case anyone asks. Sometimes an honest face isn't enough!

  • valid passport or identification

  • driver's license and car registration documents, if you are travelling by car

  • insurance documents

MUST HAVE 2: Money - for whatever purchases (little or large) you might want to make during your holiday. It's time to treat yourself.

  • Credit card

  • Debit card

  • Cash for ski huts where CASH is still KING.

MUST HAVE 3: Tickets, Tickets, Tickets – you don't want to be caught without these. You might have a long way to walk!

  • Flight or train ticket

  • Confirmation of seat reservation

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MUST HAVE 4: Winter maintenance check for your car - the roads are kept in as good as condition as possible in the winter. However, just like you, your car needs the appropriate winter kit.

  • Winter tyres

  • Snow chains

  • Vignette (toll sticker) for the Austrian motorways

MUST HAVE 5: Your ski outfit - the perfect get-up from head to toe. Everything a skier or boarder needs to look cool on the slopes.

  • Skis, poles and boots

  • Helmet (with optional helmet camera)

  • Goggles

  • Ski gloves

  • Ski pants and jacket

  • Ski thermals and socks

  • Sunglasses

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MUST HAVE 6: Warm clothing for the cold season - ice-cold feet are neither sexy nor practical so remember these basics...

  • Winter jacket

  • cosy jumpers

  • Lined shoes or shoes with thermal soles

  • Hats, scarf and gloves

  • Mask !! TIP: More information about Covid-19 protective measures you find here

MUST HAVE 7: Less is more - anything else you have forgotten, you either don't need or you can buy locally. But, even so, here are some tips for those who like to be prepared.

  • Wash kit

  • Suncream

  • Contact lenses + accessories

  • First aid kit and medications

  • Mobile phone and charger

  • Headphones

  • Books or e-book

MUST HAVE 8: Spa days and food – for the time when the ski lifts aren't running.

  • Swimming costume for water babies

  • 1x birthday suit for those who want to visit a sauna!

  • Smart clothes for an elegant evening meal in a gourmet restaurant TOP TIP: Don't forget - you can find details of all events taking place in the region on